Veteran Owned Business Entrepreneurship


10% of all profits from Fawkes Digital Marketing fund our shelter projects to help men, women, and families with homelessness, food, healthcare, and more.

– John Marx

John's Companies & Community Projects

John is an entrepreneur at heart. You will often see him talking to people at coffee shops or at craft breweries. Sometimes talking business, and sometimes just chit-chatting. Almost always, chicken wings in his belly (traditional - not chicken nuggets!). As he talks with friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers, he will get ideas that will blossom into something amazing.


Alabama Shelter

A place to help men, women, and families with homelessness, food, healthcare, and more for all 67 counties in the State of Alabama.

Coming Fall 2023.


Brilliance CRM

Our small business CRM solution is built for ease of use, and no programming is required.

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Fawkes Designs

Custom print-on-demand t-shirts, hoodies, and other swag. We had a need for this for ourselves and for clients and rather than creating, and charging, for multiple sites we created a central repository to save everyone.


Fawkes Digital Marketing

WordPress & custom-made websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, credit card merchant services, content writing, social media management, and software development.

Fawkes Digital Marketing is the creator of Brilliance CRM which started out as a single solution for our own agency.


Fawkes Do-It-Yourself Websites

Avoid paying a marketing company thousands of dollars and still get a professional setup website with over $700 in paid plugins built on WordPress. You own it. You build it. We host it. We secure it. You win! 


Fawkes University

As someone who believes in helping and educating others, John is creating an entire series to assist with digital marketing for business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Digital Marketing Training
    • Newsletters
    • Reputation Management
    • Search Engines (SEO)
    • Text Marketing
    • WordPress
  • Brilliance CRM Training

Coming Winter 2023.



Background information about our founder owner John Marx.


Region Adventures

Business listings, news, and information covering Northwest Indiana and Alabama.


Valpo Shelter

A place to help men, women, and families with homelessness, food, healthcare, and more for all 92 counties in the State of Indiana.


Your One Page (Y1P)

Started in August 2015. Shelved due to no demand. Asked for what this project offered yet never realized. Re-igniting it and going to embrace my vision for it. Free single-page websites for all. Of course, there will be options for no advertisements but otherwise free.


Y1P URL Shortener

As part of the 2023 refresh of Your One Page (Y1P) we are going to incorporate a URL shortener. This will be available for all whether you're using Y1P or not.